Notary Services

Notary Service Available

The Cardington-Lincoln Public Library offers free and limited Notary Public services for the benefit of the community.  Please note:

  • Notary service is available Monday through Saturday during regular library hours, ending 30 minutes prior to closing.
  • Appointments are not required; however, patrons should call 419-864-8181 in advance to verify that a notary is available.
  • Notary service is one of many services provided by the library and not the Notary’s only duty; patrons may be asked to wait while the Notary attends to other library matters and there may not always be a notary available.

Please bring the following items with you to the library:

  • Valid, current government-issued photo identification. International identification cannot be accepted. Valid forms of identification are:
    • Driver License
    • State-Issued ID
    • US Passport
    • US Military ID
    • US Permanent Resident Card (“Green Card”)
    • If under 18 and do not have a Driver License or State ID, a certified copy of a birth certificate or a current school photo ID is valid
  • All unsigned documents requiring notarization.
    • Documents must be signed in the presence of the notary.
    • All information above the signature line must be completed, leaving no blanks. Blank spaces not used in a document should have a line drawn through them so that no one can add to the terms of the document after it is signed.
  • Witness(es), if needed, with valid, current government-issued photo identification. The library does not provide witnesses and witnesses may not be solicited from staff or patrons using the library.

Please see the attached document for the full policy, including a list of items that are ineligible for notarization at the library.


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