COOL wins 2013 Ohio Library Council Innovation Award

In 2011 our library became a founding member of the Consortium of Ohio Libraries, a loose affiliation of at the time 9 public libraries in Ohio.  This group formed around one concept, the idea that there must be a better way, especially for smaller libraries, to acquire online catalog software than the previous model, which was to license a product from a closed source vendor.  This group selected Evergreen, a free and open source software catalog and contracted with OHIONET, a library member based non-profit that is located in Columbus. 

We are pleased to report that this has not gone unnoticed in the wider library community, and in August 2013 the Consortium of Ohio Libraries won the Library Innovation award from the Ohio Library Council.  This award is given annually to a library or a group of libraries that does some new and different to make a positive change for public libraries in Ohio.

To learn more about COOL, visit and to learn more about OHIONET, take a look at their website at

(source:Germantown Public Library)