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2017 Summer Reading Program

Early Registration Begins May 30!

Weekly Entertainment
Every Wednesday @ 11:00 am

June 7: Animal Presenter Kim Harvey will share the book "A Bee is Not a Wasp" as well as the similarities and differences between lizards/salamanders, frogs/toads, water turtles/land turtles, slugs/snails, and bees/wasps. 

June 14: COSI
​                 Junior Engineer: **For Pre-School to 1st Grade** Design, build, test, and redesign! Engineers use energy, math, and science to solve problems as they design the roads, bridges, buildings, and schools we see every day. We’ll start by exploring the energy around us – at work whenever something lights up, makes noise, or moves – and see how it flows through circuits. Then, you’ll become an engineer yourself as you build sky-high standing towers, energize light bulbs, program real robots, and even design, build and test your own floating boats to see how much mass they can carry without sinking!
*Please sign up at front desk! There are 30 spots available for this program*

                  Gadgets-to-Go: **1st Grade to 6th Grade** The excitement of engineering, force and motion, and mechanics hits the road in this energizing hands-on workshop. We’ll explore energy – at work in the world around us – and how it flows through conductors. You’ll dream it and build it with awe-inspiring Blue Blocks and construct magnetic marble-run roller coasters; program real robots, construct circuits to make music, and even design, build, test, and redesign to create a recycled floating contraption in our five-foot-tall wind tube!
*Please sign up at the front desk! There are 30 spots for this program *

June 21: Armstrong Air & Space Museum: Tippy Towers @ 10:30 am
                 *This program takes place earlier than our normal program time!* When building a better structure, an engineer must keep in thought what materials to use and how strong the building should be so it does not come tumbling down. Participants will be challenged to learn about the engineering process, then practice the process by constructing a load-bearing tower. Which team's tower can support the most weight?   

June 28: Buckeye Training and Fitness Academy @ Elementary School Gym
                 "Our mission is to use diet, exercise, and fitness to educate the community, in order to improve health and quality of life!" Join us once again at the Elementary School Gym to learn some fun ways to stay active and healthy from Buckeye Training and Fitness Academy.

July 5: Tool Time with Lowe's
              Join us at the library for Tool Time! A volunteer from Lowe's will bring various tools that you can work with and teach everyone about safety around tools.

Weekly Crafts and Activities

Crafts @ 11:00 am

June 6 & 8: Catapults

June 13 & 15: Kaleidoscopes

June 20 & 22: Straw Rockets

June 27 & 29: Marble Maze

July 6: Lego Figure Stencil Shirt *please bring your own shirt


Every Monday @ 11:00 am except July 3: Tail Waggin' Tutors *please sign up at front desk

Every Tuesday @ 3:00 pm except July 4: Lego Club *please sign up at front desk

Pool Party July 13 for children and teens who complete all 5 weeks of the program!!